8 Health Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

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Electric bikes are one of the most popular choices for transportation nowadays. It allows commuters to minimize their carbon footprint and overall transportation costs.

But electric bikes offer more than a chance to be a better citizen. Electric bikes also allow you to become a healthier you, thanks to their wide range of health benefits. Here are just some of the major health benefits of riding an electric bike.


#1 Improves Heart Health

First of all, riding electric bikes improves heart health. Your heart rate increases during a bike session. And as your heart beats faster, it also becomes stronger in time. Thus, your heart gains more muscle endurance and resistance to fatigue.

Conversely, your resting heart rate will become lower, making your heart more efficient in pumping blood. With added cardiac endurance and efficiency, you can become healthier in the long run.

Like many other aerobic exercises, cycling also improves blood circulation. So, riding an electric bike improves your heart health both in the near and far future.

#2 Helps Tone Muscles

Riding an electric bike may provide you with additional power, but it still requires some mechanical power from your movements.

With every rise and fall of your pedal, you are thus training your leg muscles. Cycling mainly exercises your calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. The glutes and hamstrings are worked the hardest with every push power stroke.

Your pull upstrokes usually rely on the momentum from your down pedals. Still, the transition between your pull upstrokes and push power strokes requires effort from your quadriceps.

In time, you’d be able to sport knee-length shorts or tight-fitting jeans to show off your toned physique.

#3 Promotes Healthy Breathing

As said earlier, cycling is a form of aerobic exercise. It just means that it will certainly leave you a little bit out of your breath.

While cycling, your lungs will pump harder to supply more oxygen to the hard-working muscles of your body. You’ll even learn how to breathe deeper through your diaphragm to make your lungs more efficient.

E-bikes also supply you with enough power to ride some steep slopes confidently. The steeper the slope, the better you can practice diaphragmatic breathing. So, as long as you have your electric bike to keep you confident in sloped routes, then you can practice healthy breathing more often until it becomes your norm.

#4 Enhances Metabolism

Experts claim that an hour of biking can already burn around 300 calories. This information is based on the assumption that you’re biking at a moderate speed and intensity.

The faster you pedal, and the more intense your workout, the more calories you can burn. So, if you increase your cycling intensity, you can burn up to 355 calories in just half an hour.

However, a one-time burning of calories isn’t enough. It will help if you enhance your metabolism in the long-term sense. Luckily, electric bikes allow you to actually enjoy your workout. So, you keep on enhancing your metabolism at a steady pace until you’ve reached your weight and body goals.

#5 Good for Mental Health

Did you know that all types of exercise help your body excrete serotonin? With increased serotonin levels in your body, you can improve your mood and overall sense of well-being.

So, simply riding your e-bike and exerting yourself can already bring you some needed happiness.

Riding your e-bike can also bring you confidence. Electric bikes allow you to travel long distances so you can feel more accomplished with your health goals.

#6 Provides Moderate Exercise

Cycling is a moderate exercise. So, unlike running or jogging, cycling won’t apply too much pressure on your joints and tissues. You can thus decrease your risks of developing strained tendons, worn-out knee cartilages, and overused joints.

To further elevate this experience, e-bikes provide pedal support to reduce any unnecessary stress on your joints. You can even choose just how much extra power you need. So, should you feel like your joints and muscles can no longer take any additional work, then you can simply adjust your electric bike’s riding mode to throttle.

As such, cycling can help you avoid sudden injuries and even chronic conditions.

#7 Refreshes Mind and Reduces Stress

A short stroll with your bike can already give you enough time to be alone with yourself and your thoughts. Through silence and reflection, you can then refresh your mind. And as a result, riding an e-bike can also help you reduce stress.

The best thing about this health benefit is that you can easily squeeze such mind refreshing moments into your schedule. You can reflect while on a quiet ride to work. You can even bike and enjoy some peace and quiet while on the way to running errands.

Just don’t relax too much! You’d still need to stay alert while you’re on the road.

#8 Fun Workout

Last and most definitely not least, riding e-bikes can result in a fun workout. Instead of just riding a stationary bike, you can burn calories and train your muscles while still enjoying the beautiful scenery.

And get this, an electric bike can take you to places far out of your comfort zone! Thanks to its additional electric-powered motor, you can travel longer distances without even trying too much. With some energy left in your body, you can thus enjoy the views without feeling drained and exhausted by the ride.

And by expanding your horizons and opening yourself to new and unexplored routes, you can turn aerobic exercises into something you can look forward to!

The best part of it is that there are many types to choose from! The E-bike industry has boomed with new technologies and innovations that make sure every specific need is addressed. There are Electric Mountain Bikes for adventures in the woods, Electric Road Bikes and Step-Thru Electric Bikes for casual city rides, Electric Cargo Bikes for utility purposes, and many more. And will all these types of e-bikes, you will surely find one the best e-bikes fits for you.


Electric bikes are not just a safe option for the environment. E-bikes offer so much more, particularly to your health.

It can improve your lung and heart health, enhance metabolism, and affect your mental health. Additionally, e-bikes can also help you tone muscles that aren’t usually the focus of popular exercise routines.

All in all, cycling positively affects your health, from your external physique to your body’s inner workings. So, if you want to invest in your health with style, then an electric bike may just be what you need!


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