Is There A Functional Fitness Training Course?

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Do you know what training is required to become a functional fitness training coach? Are all students who complete their undergraduate degree in Physical Education ready to work in the profession?

functional fitness training

Every profession requires training, doesn’t it? To say that a nurse is not able to act as a doctor seems obvious, but there are people who believe that when it comes to sports, “anything goes”.

But after all, with the rise of the profession, have they already created a specific university for the trainee to become a personal trainer after a few years of study? Are there already some specific functional training certifications that indicate that he is able to go to people’s homes and offer personalized training?

functional fitness training

What is a personal trainer?

A few decades or even years ago, few people would think of hiring a sports instructor to come to their homes. The profession even existed, but this type of assistance was accessible only to the wealthiest people.

However, the gyms were there long before sports coaches became popular. If we think from the side that the skills needed to work in one or the other is similar, what differentiates an online or face-to-face personal trainer from a gym instructor?

The emergence of the personal trainer (or just personal) also results from some changes in collective thinking. It emerged from the moment that people began to feel tired of the busy and disputed environments of the gyms.

functional fitness training

From then on, the need to offer a more targeted and personalized service was in charge of stimulating the emergence of professionals. People really wanted to do the same activities they did at the gym, without leaving the comfort of their homes.

For the more timid, this would also represent an opportunity to “let go” without feeling ashamed or afraid of what others would think about their performance.