Elbow Pain – Main Causes and What to Do

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Elbow pain is a very common symptom in people who play tennis and do weight training, especially after doing triceps training, but it can also affect people who do intense sports with their arms, such as crossfit, tennis or golf, for example.

Usually, elbow pain does not indicate a serious problem, but it can cause great discomfort because the elbow is a joint used in almost all arm and hand movements.

Elbow pain is curable, but in most cases it is recommended to consult an orthopedist or general practitioner to make the appropriate treatment, which may include medication and physical therapy. Also check out the treatment tips at home over here @tenniselbowsecretsrevealed.com.

Elbow Pain - Main Causes and What to Do

The main causes of elbow pain are:

  1. Epicondylitis

It is inflammation of the tendons of the elbow, which can be lateral or medial. When it affects only the inner part of the elbow it is called the golfer’s elbow and when it affects the lateral part of the elbow it is called the tennis elbow.

What to do: To relieve the pain in your elbow, you should rest, put ice packs on the area, take anesthetic medications, such as Paracetamol, and do physical therapy. Understand how to treat Lateral Epicondylitis.

  1. Elbow bursitis

It is an inflammation of the tissue that serves as a “shock absorber” of the joint, the pain affects the back of the elbow arising when the elbow is often placed on hard surfaces.

What to do: To cure the pain in the elbow one must rest, apply cold compresses, take anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ibuprofen, prescribed by the doctor or undergo physical therapy.

  1. Arthritis in the elbow

It is the wear and inflammation of the elbow joint that generates pain and swelling in the region, being more common elderly patients.

What to do: The treatment of elbow pain should be done by an orthopedist or general practitioner and usually includes the use of anti-inflammatories, such as Naproxen and physical therapy.