How To Prevent Hearing Loss?

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Hearing loss can be due to many reasons, like aging, loud noise, heredity, medications, illness or Recreational noises, and Occupational noises. Hearing loss cannot be prevented if it is heredity or due to old age, but it can be prevented if it is due to loud noises or the environment.

You can avoid hearing loss by adapting good habits like:

Prevent Hearing Loss

Avoid loud noises                     

Hearing loss can be prohibited by avoiding loud noise. Watch TV on low volume. Noise levels are measured in decibels the higher the number, the louder the noise. Sounds above 85dB are very damaging for ears especially if you are exposed to this for a long time.

Take care when listing to music

Listing music at high volume is very bad for the ears, and it can damage your eardrum and cause a hearing problem. Listening to music with bad headphones can also damage your ears. To avoid hearing loss, use good quality headphones and earpieces and listen to music on safe volume rage not more than 60% volume. Prolonged use of headphones can also cause hearing problems. So it is essential to take a 5 to 10 minutes break every hour.

Protect ears during loud events

Try to avoid events where there is an indication of loud noise and music like concerts. But if you go to such events, try to stay away from speakers. Do not attend events for a long time and take a break every hour. You should also use earplugs that help reduce noise.

Take precautions at work 

If you work in a noisy place. Try to use earmuffs or earplugs that help reduce loud noises.

Regular checkup 

If you work in a loud space or you feel you often need people to repeat, or you need to increase the volume of TV than usual, you should go to the doctor and have your ears tested as soon as possible. If you are a musician or work at a loud noise place, you must go for a test at least once a year.

Avoid smoking

Tobacco and other chemicals in cigarettes and vape are very harmful to your body. They affect almost every part of your body, including the ears. So it is one more reason for you to quit smoking. Also, stay away from passive smoking.

Remove ear wax 

Wax in the ears can muffle the sound. And is needed to be cleaned but don’t use a cotton swab to clean it is it may push wax deeper. Instead of swabs use an at-home irrigation kit to clean ears and gently wash them. The earwax gets compressed in your ear. So you must go to the doctor as soon as possible and try to keep your ears clean.

Check medication for hearing risks

There are almost 200 drugs that can damage hearing, including some antibiotics and cancer drugs. Even high doses of simple medicine like aspirin can damage your ears. If you take a prescription medication, consult your doctor to ensure it will not affect your hearing. If you have to take a drug that can damage your ears, make sure your doctor checks your hearing and balance before and through your treatment.

Keep your vitals in check

High blood pressure is very harmful to the ears; it can damage the fragile mechanism of your ears. Diabetes can also damage the cells in your inner ears. Keep your blood sugar under control and follow your doctor’s orders for dealing with diabetes.