Get Through Christmas Without Putting On Weight

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Want to get through Christmas without putting on weight? Seems impossible, right? Every Christmas, millions of people around the world get together with family and celebrate around the dining table or Christmas tree. One major issue is that a lot of people tend to overeat during this holiday season. If you are one of the millions of people around the world that are looking to stay in shape even through a challenging holiday season, then you are in luck. Below we go into exactly how it is more than possible to get through Christmas without gaining any weight. Let?s begin!

1. Portion Control

The biggest thing you can do to help get through Christmas without putting on weight is portion control. You can eat a lot of tasty food and still not gain weight if you cut yourself off when appropriate. Keep desserts to a minimum and go light on breads and other caloric dishes. Use a smaller dish if you think it will help. Make your objective to eat until you are no longer hungry, instead of eating until you are full.

2. Drinking Water

More often than not, Christmas food will contain a lot of salt or sugar. This can leave you feeling dehydrated. A common response when dehydrated is for our bodies to feel that they are hungry when in fact they are thirsty. Look up the amount of water you need to drink a day and make sure you are drinking a full glass throughout every meal. You will not only help hydrate your body, but speed up the rate at which it is processed.

3. Stress, Anxiety, & Boredom

Some of the most common reasons why people overeat is because of stress, anxiety and boredom. Christmas can be a lethal combination of all three of these things. First, the stress of family is something that just about every person experiences, but what you may not know is that stress produces cortisol, a hormone that among other things, can affect your weight loss goals. Along with stress is anxiety, which can spike when gathered together, sharing gifts and reminiscing about old times. At the same time, you may find yourself bored when out of your normal routine. Combined with everything else, eating can be a quick and simple solution to all three of these problems.

So what can you do to make the situation better?

Consider going for a walk in the community. Get out for some fresh air and give yourself something to do besides sit around and eat. Take some time to collect your thoughts at the beginning and end of each day. Make sure you can gauge how you are doing mentally and counteract bad feeling with one of the above mentioned methods or perhaps one of these effective techniques, hopefully reducing the chances of overeating this Christmas.