Professional with Health Coaching Certification can Help Fight Diabetes

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These days, the cases of diabetes are diagnosed more and more every year.

The growth of diabetes is a worldwide trend. It is known that in 10 years it increased by 61.8%. Therefore, it is very important that due attention is given to this health problem, practicing physical activity under guidance of professional with health coaching certification and thinking a lot about training adapted to diabetes.

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Diabetes, when detected, should not be treated as simple. It is a serious health problem that requires seriousness. It is a glucose disorder that results from pancreatic dysfunction in insulin secretion or an inability of insulin to enter muscle tissue (the blood glucose hormone then returns to the bloodstream).


The person with diabetes is therefore subject to hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, as the human body is unable to regulate glucose levels in the body alone.

A sports activity, practiced with a professional with wellness coaching courses, will help fight diabetes.


However, before starting classes or practicing any sport, you should have a check-up with your doctor to limit the risk of having a stroke.

The doctor will also help you choose the pace and intensity of the sport you should practice, to prevent hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. It will also guide you in the type of precautions you should take, such as the dose of insulin to be injected.


Physical exercise, whether performed at home or at the gym, allows the regulation of blood sugar levels. It is known that two hours after a workout, the body has much less glucose than half an hour before starting to exercise.

In addition, when playing sports, whether cardio training, weight training or a sport, you are always preventing the onset of diabetes.


Fats are eliminated by sport that prevents glucose from entering cells and makes insulin production more efficient.