3 Exercises to Gain Speed, Agility and Quickness

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As you get more involved with training, races and fitness trainer education, you may wonder how to gain speed in the race. You can just add more cycles to your trainer to be stronger, or cover more distance. Check out the tips:


  1. Curved and straight 

Walk for 5 minutes for preparation. Then, run on the straight track and walk around the curve. Repeat this cycle twice. And drink water after finishing each sequence. During the race, set a comfortable pace. As the idea of this speed and agility sports training is to gain speed in race, when you start to evolve you can increase the pace. This exercise will help you set the mind and body used to running faster in short time.


  1. Change of pace

In this training, it will be necessary to alternate between easy, medium and fast. The easy pace is one where you can talk with your friends who run beside you. In it, you feel as you can run for hours straight. The medium is a little faster, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re at high speed – you can hold a conversation, but respond with two or three word sentences. The fast, in turn, is the fastest you can reach, without being a speed of fire, which can make you feel pain.


  1. Intense running

Walk for preparation, and then take three turns with track. Pace each lap at the same speed, do the next cycle being 5 seconds change than the last one. With this training, you gain resistance and teach your body to keep up a consistent and constant effort, which you will like to do in the tests. Beginners tend to run faster, until they can’t take it anymore and stop. Here, you will learn how to begin the first slowest cycle and change into a maintainable pace for the three cycles.