5 Bodybuilding Tips for an Effective Result

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Most men surely want to have a well-build body with sexy six pack abs; however, that kind of body does not just come in a week of exercise. Here is 5 bodybuilding tips for and effective muscle gain result.

Lifting more weight

The right body building exercise which makes biggest difference on gaining muscles is when you are able to add more weight. It is nit the matter of how fancy and perfects the techniques that you use, if you do not increase the amount that you are lifting gradually after a few months; you will not building the muscle in a quick way. The priority when aiming to build muscle is you should lift heavier and heavier weights over time. When you stuck and cannot lifter heavier weights; that are the time when you need to consider changing strategies such as supersets, drop sets, and so on.

Perform exercise on two muscles group at a time

The following tip is you should focus on compound exercise. During the time in the gym, you have limited time for exercise and also recovery state. Therefore, if you are only working on one smaller muscle; it means that you are not maximizing the potential. In return, you can follow the rule for 70% of the workout consists of exercising at least two or more muscle groups at once. For example, the shoulder press will work on the triceps and shoulders, squat will work on the hamstrings and the quads, and so on.


Eat right before and after exercise

Speaking of bodybuilding, you cannot leave out the right diet menu because it is the fuel for the body. You should make sure that you are feeding your body before and after exercise. If you do not supply your body with amino acids on time; your body will use the carbohydrate or new muscle mass in order to provide the energy for create new muscle tissue. Make sure you eat food which is high protein and stay away from junk food, processed food, and such thing. For the rest of the day, you can be more flexible with the meal plan but you have to make sure to eat healthy food.

Do not go two weeks without any change

Sometimes you are in a state when you do not feel any changes after weeks of exercise. It is a sign of plateau and it can happen to anyone unless you are very careful to avoid it. A plateau is a point when you are exercising for two weeks or more and still cannot see any progress. For dedicated lifter like you; it means wasting time and also effort. To prevent plateau from occurring, you should regularly changing the workout method, the rest period, and also the type of the exercise. You should make sure not to stop in the same workout method for a long time.

Rest and supplement are important

The final tip is that you should remember that rest is as important as working out. Your body needs time to recover from the workout session. Ideally you will need at least three days off or take one day off after each workout session. You can check out the Crazy Bulk bodybuilding supplement to speed up the process of gaining muscles. With current promotion events, you can enjoy up to 50% discount and buy 2 get 1 free.