Practical Tips To Speed Up Metabolism

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The metabolism is nothing more than the way our body processes the calories you eat. While young, metabolism is fast. So in adolescence, many eat nonstop and stay thin, even after a whole packet of stuffed crackers, for example.

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Foods that boost metabolism

Known as thermogenic, as they are able to increase body temperature and accelerate fat burning, they help with weight control and weight loss. So always have at the table:

  1. Red pepper: three grams a day is enough as a spice of hot dishes and salads to increase metabolism by up to 15%. But it has to be red; black pepper doesn’t have that effect, right?
  2. Green tea: Also favors the use of body fat and acts as an energy source, with metabolic stimulus function. You need to drink four cups of tea a day. Just not sweeten with sugar: take pure or use a few drops of sweetener.

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  1. Cinnamon: It has high calcium content, essential for increasing basal metabolism. Sprinkle a little on hot dishes, sauces and even salads. Also worth putting in dessert, but cannot overdo the sweets.
  2. Ginger: Can increase caloric expenditure by more than 10%. To consume, use it as a spice for meat, poultry and fish. It is worth to put in vegetable soup and tea.
  3. Omega 3: Found in fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna, this substance increases basal metabolism and causes the body to not retain as much fluid. Choose to place a portion of some of these in the main course of your meal. It is also worth taking a natural tuna snack or using it as another ingredient of the evening salad.