How To Find The Best Turmeric Curcumin For You

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Finding the best turmeric curcumin is no easy task, and much less if you have never tried it before. It isn’t impossible, though, and using the right supplement that contains the correct dose can help you feel better than ever. 

Turmeric capsule with powder

Turmeric vs. Curcumin 

Turmeric is a perennial plant native to India, which for years has been used as alternative medicine, but also as a cooking ingredient. It looks very similar to ginger root, but it is bright orange. 

Curcumin, on the other hand, is a type of curcuminoid. There are three main curcuminoids in turmeric, including curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin. Of these, curcumin is the strongest and the most efficient when it comes to medicinal properties. 

A turmeric root, however, will only contain around 5% of these curcuminoids. A supplement of turmeric curcumin extract contains about 95% curcumin. Most health benefits start at around 500mg of curcumin. 

Why take turmeric curcumin? 

Many people look at turmeric curcumin because it can help lower inflammation and helps fight off oxidative damage and stress. Many studies have shown that the active curcumin in turmeric can lower the incidence of inflammatory cytokines, as well as preventing inflammation pathways from occurring. This is essential in treating chronic illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis, and boosting immunity. 

In many of these studies, the minimum dose for turmeric curcumin to work adequately is 750mg. Yet, doses as high as 8000 mg per day have been tried without any dangerous side effects. 

Here’s what to look for in your turmeric curcumin supplement: 

Since there are many commercial brands out there, you can sometimes it hard to pick the right supplement. However, there are some things to look for that make one turmeric curcumin extract better than others. Here’s what to search for: 

  • Pick a turmeric extract supplement that has at least 750mg per capsule 
  • Choose turmeric extract instead of turmeric powder, as the latter doesn’t contain enough curcumin to have any therapeutic effects. 
  • Look for a supplement that has BioPerine, a black pepper extract that has been shown to improve the absorption of turmeric by 2,000%. 
  • Check that the supplement company performs lead testing and that you can see the report. 
  • Finally, make sure you trust the company that you are buying from and get a sense of confidence from them. 

Time to try your turmeric curcumin supplement! 

Now that you know how to find the best turmeric curcumin, it’s time for you to check out Active Atoms today. As with any other supplement, take the time to talk to your doctor if you have any questions. Accompany your turmeric supplement with more sleep, a healthier diet, exercise, and stress management. Don’t wait any longer, Active Atoms can help you feel better starting now.