5 Benefits of Collagen for Skin, Muscles, and Gut

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By now, you may have heard many times about the health benefits of collagen. You might recognize it as an ingredient in your beloved cosmetics and creams or perhaps have noticed supplements in the pharmacy that feature it.

Collagen is the latest ?buzzword? on everyone?s lips and it can now be found in just about everything. It is the most abundant protein that produces naturally in our body. Collagen is the primary component of the connective tissues that are responsible for making up several body parts and organs including muscles, skin, ligaments, and tendons.

However, when we talk about collagen, most of us immediately think about our skin. But you might not know that scientists have uncovered some amazing benefits of collagen that aids the gut, joint health, bones, and even the digestive health.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of collagen for skin, muscles, and gut.

5 Benefits of Collagen for Skin, Muscles, and Gut 1

?#1 Helps in Relieving the Joint Pain and Reduces Degeneration:

Health professionals say that as we grow older, our body?s ability to produce collagen decreases. It may trigger the risk of developing degenerative joint disorders like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Collagen is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the cartilage in our body, which is a rubber-like tissue that protects our joints. Studies have shown that taking collagen supplements like Bulletproof Collagen Canada may help reduce joint pain and improve symptoms of osteoarthritis. The researchers have conceived that supplemental collagen may collect in cartilage and stimulate the tissues to produce collagen. This may ultimately lead to reduced pain, lower inflammation, and better support of the joints. If you are considering taking collagen supplement for potential pain relief, health professionals suggest one should start with 8-10 grams daily.

#2 Helps in Healing the Leaky Gut:

The leaky gut syndrome is a condition where toxins in your body are able to pass through your digestive system. As collagen makes up for 90% of the connective tissues, it can be super-helpful in breaking down the proteins and soothing the gut lining, repairing the damaged cell walls, and suffusing it with healing amino acids. Supplemental collagen can help you form more connective tissues that can heal and seal the protective lining of the digestive tract. Health professionals say that an unhealthy gut can give rise to severe illnesses. Permeability in the gut lining or any changes in the gut microbiome can allow the particles and toxins to pass into the bloodstream where they can kick-start an anti-inflammatory cascade. Studies show that patients with the leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease, their serum concentrations of collagen are decreased.

#3 Boost Muscle Mass, Metabolism, and Energy Output:

Around 10% of the muscle tissue is made up of collagen and therefore, it plays a crucial role in keeping our muscles well-built and operating properly. A boost in collagen can help you increase your metabolism by accumulating slender muscle mass to your body and facilitating the conversion of essential nutrients. Glycine is responsible for making muscle tissues as it converts glucose into energy that feeds the muscle cells. Retaining muscle mass is very crucial as it aids bone health, support posture, and burns more calories than fat. Taking supplemental collagen may encourage the production of glycine, creatine among muscle proteins and may fuel muscle buildup after exercise. Moreover, it also helps maintain adequate energy by assisting the simulation of many chemicals.

#4 Improves Skin and Hair Health:

As said earlier, with age, the production of collagen decreases and it can be reflected on your skin. Looser skin, less elasticity, and more wrinkles, it can make your appearance look bad. Increasing collagen levels can help increase the smoothness of your skin, make it look more firm and aid the skin cells keep repairing and renewing normally. A recent study found out that women aged 35-55 taking 3-5 grams of collagen daily for eight weeks experienced a significantly improved skin moisture, skin elasticity, skin roughness and transepidermal water loss (dryness) and that too without any side effects. Moreover, it also reduces stretch marks and cellulite as the skin becomes more flexible and dense, therefore, reducing that dimpling of the skin.

5 Benefits of Collagen for Skin, Muscles, and Gut 2

#5 Could Prevent Bone Loss:

Our bones are mostly made of collagen that gives them structure and keeps them strong. As we age, the collagen production deteriorates resulting in the deterioration of bone mass as well. Individuals suffering from a condition like osteoporosis are the result of low bone density. The syndrome is directly linked with a higher risk of bone fractures. Studies have shown that supplemental collagen may have certain effects in the body that can help prevent bone breakdown. Low bone mineral density (BMD) is associated with weak bones.


Consuming collagen supplements can be beneficial for your body as it I associated with a number of health benefits and the risks are very few or still not discovered.