10 Tips To Boost Sperm Quality

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Have a look over 10 steps to improve semen quality:

  • Workout in right measure: Exercises can increase testosterone and help in production of sperm; 
  • Avoid excessive alcohol: Excessive drinking (5 servings daily or more) impairs quantity and quality of sperm, also causing impotence; 
  • Monitor your eating: Body that consumes only processed foods suffers from inflammation, and it directly influences fertility. 
  • Bet on fruits that have their properties proven by studies, such as pomegranates: Some experts argue that fruit consumption having phenolic compounds and anti-oxidant effect can contribute to male fertility;
  • Enjoy seeds: Most of them contain zinc, selenium and copper, which help in production of spermatozoa. 
  • Select Sunscreen: A latest study has discovered that men who were exposed to two types of UV filters (BP-2 UV and 4Oh-BP) had a 30% reduction in fertility, taking longer to conceive partners. These items are found in sunscreens and other cosmetic products, but they are not always indicated on labels. Therefore, after a sunny day, remove product in bath and look for other cosmetic products having UV filter; 
  • Smoking definitely does not help: Marijuana and cigarettes damage sperm. Marijuana can also change their size and shape; 
  • Consider herbal intake: Rosemary, saffron, green tea and American ginseng help to produce sperm. Tribulus terrestris also helps to increase testosterone, but do not use without medical advice; 
  • Control nerves: Men who are frequently stressed or who do not get enough sleep have affected their sperm production. Change your routine. Transcendental meditation may seem like something out of this world, but it’s easy to get started and 10-minute practice daily can change your life forever; 
  • Wear comfortable clothing: Avoid tight clothing, loose cotton panties help keep testicular temperature stable.

To improve men fertility, it is possible to find all kinds of recommendations – from most technical and professional, about conducting medical examinations and maintaining healthy habits, to other curious, not to say dubious, suggesting consumption of exotic fruits and sympathies, for example.