Stud Briefs – The World’s First Science-Backed Healthy Underwear for Men

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Millions of couples around the world struggle to conceive, and many don’t realize that poor fertility is often caused by overheating the testicles. Testes are sensitive to temperature variation, which is why they hang outside the body in a sack made of skin.


When your body temperature gets too high, it can affect your sperm count, quality, and motility. This can lead to infertility or a lowered testosterone level. When your testicles are too warm, it can affect your fertility and testosterone levels.

Stud Brief is designed to help keep your testicles cool and improve your fertility. Its cooling mesh technology uses evaporative cooling to draw heat away from the scrotum, while the healthy scrotal support lifts and separates the testicles for better airflow. If you’re interested in Stud Briefs, you can check out their Kickstarter campaign or go to their website to get more information.

What Sets Stud Briefs Apart?

The underwear was specifically designed for fertility purposes, which increases sperm production, volume, motility, and testosterone levels – to enable men to conceive quickly. It is designed using superior material for added comfort, maintaining the scrotal temperature at the perfect level. The underwear and band are handcrafted with a focus on ergonomic fit, allowing you to enjoy and maximize all the benefits they have to offer.

The net-like structure has been scientifically proven to optimize cooling, improve sperm health and motility, and most of all, increase testosterone levels. The cooling mesh and support provided by Stud Briefs helped to keep the scrotum at a lower temperature than the body core, thus keeping semen production healthy.


Cooling the scrotum reduces the temperature of the sperm, which increases overall sperm count, motility, and preserves fertility. Stud Briefs are lightweight, comfortable, and discreet, making them ideal for everyday wear.