Unwanted Pregnancy, Surprised?

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Ever wonder why the world’s population is continuing to grow despite various government efforts to limit or slow its increase.

Well, it?s because of unwanted pregnancy!

If you are a victim of unwanted pregnancy, don’t worry as it happens more often than you might think. A study suggests that half of world’s pregnancies are unplanned.

There are several factors why women got pregnant in untimely manner. The primary cause is the wrong use of birth control.

It is important to remember that any woman that hasn?t gone through menopause, is possible to conceive a child. So if this sounds like you, then you have to take some accurate steps to improve your chances of pregnancy only when you’d like to.


Why Unwanted Pregnancy Happens

As aforementioned above, birth control misuse can ultimately result to pregnancy. However, most of the time, birth control does work wonders for couples. But still, accidents can happen if one gets too adventurous in bed.

The only form of birth control that is 100% effective is abstinence from sex. But then again, we are created with sexual appetite so our tendency is to let go of that desire.

Birth control pills, intrauterine devices, condoms and other methods can effectively prevent you from getting pregnant. Permanent birth control such as female sterilization or male vasectomy can completely give you peace of mind, though there are still 1% chance of failure.

If you still wrongfully use birth control pills, chances of pregnancy will increase. Sometimes, condoms can break and a single drop of semen can surprise a pregnancy.

Most people take second plan of action in the event that the first line of defence goes horribly wrong. Over-the-counter “morning after” pill can prevent you from conceiving a child for up to five days after unprotected sexual encounter. The downside of this is that, you can still get pregnant if you miss your daily pill.

Planning is the Key to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

Most health experts agree that couples that are not using any contraceptive, have the highest probabilities of unplanned pregnancies.

Most obstetrics encounter women who are not regularly practicing birth control, and others not at all. Why? Because it reduces the pleasures of sex, others might not have access to it, or their partners don’t want to use birth control at all.

Most couples aren’t sure if they want a child or not. People are not planning to conceive a baby, but in contrast, they are not actively preventing pregnancy either. This is the reason why most women are surprised because of unplanned pregnancy.

Some women do want to get pregnant, but they aren’t sure whether they could do so because of infertility issues, irregular periods, or in pre-menopause. It is still possible to get pregnant if you have these issues, though don’t expect it to be an easy task.

It is important to keep regular consultations with your doctor. It can help monitor your health and your reproductive system, as well as a very accurate knowledge when it comes to contraception.

If you and your partner plans to get a child, your doctor can help.

I’m Pregnant, So What’s Next?

Okay, you were surprised with your pregnancy, so what is the next big step?

The first thing that you should do is to consult your gynecologist immediately. Your doctor will prescribe you the best vitamins and supplements for your pregnancy. Also, you will be able to get a list of foods for your dieting regimen.

Next is to get your daily routines in check. Pregnancy can change your life in an instant. If you are an athlete, it is important to avoid strenuous exercises. If you smoke or any vices, it is better to change that habit too!

Dietary supplements can be harmful if you don’t know the ingredients that you are swallowing. Consulting your doctor about your medications or supplements is highly recommended.

Supplements that you should avoid are fat burners, sports nutrition brands, nootropics and certain multivitamins that contains synthetic ingredients.



If you still get your periods, then you are prone to pregnancy, even if you are not regular. If you use birth control, experts suggest that you continue to do so because it helps.

Once you reach your menopause, then it is safe to engage in sex without contraception. However, you are still required to protect yourself from sexually transmitted disease.

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