3 Things You Have Been Doing Wrong All Your Life

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In our daily life, most of us do simple things in a wrong way without knowing they?re doing it wrong. Well, with this in mind, we?re up with a blog post highlighting some things that we have been doing wrong all our life. Let?s have a look at them below;


Yeah, pooping has a right and wrong way. Mostly, people do it wrong and think they?re doing it in a right way. A wrong pooping position may lead to many serious health conditions. The most effective and comfortable way to poop is by Squatting, either using height adjustable toilet stool Duneze or a special toilet. Investing in Duneze is one of the cheapest options one can go with. It?s a special stool designed in a way that it can help you poop in the right way.



It goes without saying that we all don?t want to have bad breadth, instead look for more new ways to maintain a great oral health. Dentists recommend flossing and brushing at least twice a day to battle gingivitis and cavities. Mostly, people brush their teeth roughly with strong hands. You should brush your teeth politely with light hands without using any force. Brushing teeth right after eating something that is rich in acidity can soften or damage tooth enamel.


We have been taught that we should be taking a bath every day or at least every other day to ward off dust and stay healthy. But actually there?s no magical number of recommended showers per week. Bathing everyday doesn?t do any good to your body, instead makes it even more vulnerable.

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