9 Useful Applications of Listerine You Should Know

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The Listerine is one of the most famous and used mouthwash. It is a product of quality and quite effective in the utility to which it was originally intended. However, it has many other utilities that you probably do not know about.

There are some important utilities for Listerine that you should know.


Fresh and fragrant armpits

Pour a little bit of Listerine into a piece of cotton and rub under your armpits. The underarm skin will stay fresh, clean and fragrant.

Removing fungus from the nails

Due to its anti-fungus properties, Listerine is an effective product in combating nail fungus. Dip your feet in a mixture of water with Listerine only for 30 minutes. For even more effective treatment, you can add vinegar.

Cleaning the toilet

The Listerine is great for cleaning the toilet. Pour a little Listerine and rub it using a cloth or a brush. The result is wonderful!

Avoiding garbage odors

Take a piece of paper soaked in Listerine and line the bottom of the garbage bag. This will help prevent bad odors. That’s a super useful tip!

Sterilize the toothbrush

Before bedtime, leave the brush in a glass with Listerine overnight.

Relieves itching from insect bites.

Spray some Listerine in the area of the insect bite, using a piece of cotton. This will ease the itching quite quickly.

Eliminate bad odors from the washing machine

Pour a little Listerine into the washing machine (no laundry) and switch on the machine. Let the machine run some time, then turn it off. This will eliminate bad odor from the inside of the machine. Infallible!

For soft and silky feet

The foot soak with Listerine is a greater way to keep feet soft and silky.

Clean the computer screen

Pour a few drops of Listerine into a soft cloth and wipe the computer screen. You can also put Listerine in a spray container. This will eliminate all dirt, finger marks etc. It?s also great for your tablet or cell phone.