Finding the Wheelchair Type That’s Perfect for You

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For those who are suffering from injuries and those who are having trouble moving around, one of the best equipment to use is a wheelchair. While it is common to see wheelchairs in hospitals, there are those who prefer to have their own to use personally. But did you know that there are lots of wheelchairs that exists today? Each type of wheelchair corresponds to certain needs of its user.

So what are the kinds of wheelchairs?

Transport Wheelchairs

Transport wheelchairs are what we usually see in hospitals. This kind of wheelchair requires the aid of another person in moving around. The aid will help you move around by pushing your wheelchair. The wheels are purposely made smaller so that you cannot push yourself around. What?s good with transport wheelchairs is that they are light enough to move around in tight spaces. They are also light in terms of weight, which is easier for caregivers to assist.


Standard Wheelchairs

This wheelchair is the usual kind we see with other people outside of hospitals. Its large wheels at the back have some sort of handles on their wheels, which allows the user to push themselves alone. An aid can also help you push the wheelchair if you want to. The good thing about standard wheelchairs is that they are collapsible for easy storage. This makes it easier to bring it around during travels.

Custom Wheelchairs

Custom wheelchairs vary its design from the usual designs of a wheelchair. These are made for people who are using wheelchairs 24/7. They are lightweight, which makes it easier to move around. The wheels also come with handles so that you can push yourself or you can still request the help from an aid.

Sport Wheelchairs

Sports wheelchairs, as derived from the name, can be used for sports. This allows users who cannot move around on their own enjoy whatever sport they do. Its wheels are usually inclined slightly for better maneuverability. These can be customized to suit the user?s needs.

Pediatric Wheelchair

These wheelchairs are specifically for kids. It comes with a large handle at the back so that parents or aids can easily move them around. It?s smaller compared to the usual size of wheelchairs to accommodate the small frames of kids. They come in different colors to entice kids to use them when needed to.

Shower Commode Chairs

These wheelchairs have a built-in toilet seat. Its primary use is for those who needs wheelchairs even when inside the bathrooms. This makes it easier for them to relieve themselves without actually standing up to seat at the toilet.

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