Benefits Of Owning A Single Speed Bicycle

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?If you want to enjoy a casual, simple and fun ride, try a single speed bicycle. This bicycle for everyone from mountain bike riders to regular bike riders. You will find the beach bike is also a single speed bike. Anyone can enjoy a lazy and fun ride with a single speed bike. To make the decision more easily here are the benefits of owning a single speed bicycle.

In a single speed bike, there is not any unnecessary part. As you can see the name single speed than you can guess this bike has a single gear. It has no extra gear. Then why this bike is so popular and all experts recommend this bike?

As I told before, this bike has a bundle of benefits. So many benefits will not be possible to state. Here I will touch the main benefits of a single speed bike.

Single speed bike riding helps to improve your riding skills. In this ride you don?t have to use any gear, you have to read the trail manually, determine what technique will you use and accept the challenge with grace. So you can tell with this single speed bike your riding skill will get a new improvement. You will be a strong mountain bike rider in biker?s community.

Single Speed Bicycle

Benefits of single speed bike:

You will be in love with this single speed bike when going through these benefits:

  • Simple in design:

If you do some research, you will see things that are simple in design are easy to use. So do the single speed is easy to ride. As this bike has no gear then you don?t have to worry any shift or change. You will see how the multispeed bike has to be a shift or need to be checked. With a single speed bike, you can ride with fun and focus. There is no tension to change gears with this speed bike.

  • Little Maintenance:

This bike needs least maintenance as it has no extra gears or parts to take care often. A multi-speed bike has shifter, derailleurs or front gears. These needs fixing after some time, sometimes you may need to fix these things on the trail. But with a single speed bike, you need to think about maintaining the tire air, chain and brake.

  • Affordable bike:

Comparing to other bikes, single speed bike is much more affordable than the multi-speed bike. You will find the multi-speed bike has different kinds of gears and some them is expensive to fix. But on a single speed bike, there is no gear to work with. Only paddle and chain. For this reason, this bike is affordable and easy to maintain.

  • Old track with the new look:

You will get a great motivation when you are on this bike. How? When you go to the old trail with this bike, you will notice new things on the trail that you didn?t even notice when you are on gear bike. With a geared bike, you have to focus on how you will use the gear or which one. But without gear, you have to focus on the trail how and where to go. Your old way will get a new look before you. You will enjoy this old trail with a new look.

  • Calm ride:

As there is no extra gear on the bike, your bike ride will be smooth and calm. If you have one multi-speed bike than you can make the difference. With a geared bike, your journey will be full of sound and use of gear. And when you are on a single speed bike, you will have the sound of only the birds chirping and the sound of the murmured grass under your bike tire.

  • Healthy benefit:

When you are with a single speed bicycle, you have to use your leg very much. For this, your leg muscle will go strong and you will feel stronger than before. Your body fitness will be better and you will enjoy a good health. With a geared bike, you will have no option to use your strength as the gears do the job.

speed Bicycle

Now the process of a climbing hill with a single bike:

It is a big question especially for a new comer, how the hell it is possible to go up the hills with a single speed bike. It is a big challenge with mental and physical health. With a multi-speed bike, you have to use the slow speed gear to up the hill, for this you will not able to use your skill and balance power while going up. But with a single speed bike, you have to show your skill and power both to go up the hill. For this, you can use speed and you can pedal strongly with ease. Once you have gained all the energy and skill, then going up to the hill with a single speed bike will be easy and fast. With this simple bike, you will gain strength, skill to go up to the hill.

I think you have enough information about the benefits of owning a single speed bicycle. I am 100% sure that you have decided to go for a single speed bike. Trust me you will face problem in the first place, but gradually you will be an expert rider with this bike. This bike will help you to grow skilled and strong bike rider.