Information About Dubai Marina

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People make places, and places make the city prosper. This was the reason behind the success of Dubai, as this city was merely nothing but from the past, but with the right strategy and hard work the city has grown into a giant. In the past days, the economy of this city was dependent on oil, as most of the Gulf countries are, but soon the city realised that it is not a long term plan and shifted its economy from oil. Now the city is among the best tourist attractions in the world. The construction business and real estate have grown a lot in the region, and the city is still constructing and selling apartments and villas, so if you are finding an apartment in Dubai, then you should check for Port De La Mer apartments for sale in Dubai.

Information About Dubai Marina

Dubai is famous for many of its wonders, like having the tallest building in the world, the biggest mall in the world, and Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina is one of the biggest Marina in the world. It is a manmade concept located at the end of Dubai on the Arabian Gulf, it is almost 20 km away from the Dubai Mall. The nearest mall to the Dubai Marina is Ibn Battuta and the Mall of Emirates, but the people who choose to live here don’t care for malls, they are here for the views of calm waters.

Dubai Marina is closer to the Palm Jumeirah, it required professional engineering work to make it secure from the water flow. The Canadian Company introduced the concept for this. The heavy work of digging deep into the channels, building the base of the buildings near the lands of the sea is not an easy thing at all. It took several years to build the channels for these amazing places. After the completion of channels, then the huge towers and buildings were there overnight like most of the things that happen in Dubai.

Here is some information you need to know about the Dubai Marina:


One of the most famous areas of Dubai, The Jumeirah Beach Residence is made up of forty towers out of which five are hotels. It is considered to be the biggest single residence in the world. You must be surprised that how can it be a single residence when it has towers and hotels, we would rather say that it is a stretch of towers and buildings. There are not only huge buildings but also multiple cafes and restaurants including some big names like Wagamama and burger fuel. From the JBR the astonishing view of the Marina and sparkling water refreshes you. Words cannot explain the beauty of the view, you have to visit there once and get an experience of such exciting views.


The Dubai marina mall is not that large as compared to the other malls in Dubai, but it has all the variety and eateries that you expect in a mall in Dubai. There are cinema halls, restaurants, cafes, shops and beautiful views of the water. Pier 7, a recent project in Dubai Marina, a tower of restaurants only. It is just like the Mall, with beautiful views of the water and the marina. There are multiple entertainments on the Marina Mall, and all of these options make the mall unique.

If you like to live in some populated areas where you can make friends, go shopping with them, then this could be the best place for you. This place is also known as the busiest place in Dubai among the locals. There are plenty of bars near the Marina Mall like the Buddha Bar in the Grosvenor Hotel, Baristi, Beachfront restaurant and many places where you can not only eat and drink but also have a lot of fun.

When you visit any city there are multiple things you look for like eateries, natural beauty, and architectural wonders. Dubai has all of the things mentioned above. Even for the investors, it is one of the best cities to invest in, thousands of properties are still available like District One Dubai Villas for sale and Emaar Beachfront also available for sale. There are plenty of apartments and buildings available in Dubai Marina for those who love to live near beaches with beautiful views and huge buildings.