7 Options for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

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Treatment for males who struggle to get an erection went to a whole new level when the first ED drug of its kind ?Viagra? was launched to the market in 1998. But there have been steps towards other directions as well like penis suction pumps and surgical operations and suppositories.

However, being your own doctor and diagnosing yourself isn?t the best approach. If you encounter any problems with getting it ?on?, it is vital to consult a doctor prior seeking any form of treatment. Perhaps there is reason/culprit behind your case and your health status may also have to play a part.

1. Drugs
Cenforce, Viagra and kamagra are drugs that attack erectile dysfunction by loosening the muscle of the penis and boosting the blood circulation in the area to allow an erection and sexual penetration.

The results if these PDE-E inhibitors are well-proven. According to Irwin Goldstein, MD, CEO of San Diego Sexual Medicine, ED drugs are close to 70% capable of enabling an erection and the hardness necessary for sexual intercourse.

In general, these drugs are deemed to be safe. Possible side effects are only minor and include headaches, sinus, blurred vision,? digestion problems etc but nothing serious to worry about.

If you are currently taking ED medication it?s wise to avoid taking nitrates e.g nitroglycerine drugs to alleviate chest discomfort or pills called ?poppers?. This mix may decrease blood pressure to unhealthy levels and can even trigger a heart attack.

2. Injections
In case orally administered drugs don?t manage to fix the problem, a second option would be to get an injection straight into the internal base or side of the penis using an extra thin and small needle or by inserting a suppository into the urethra region.

The artificial substance known as ?alprostadil? is an artificial form of the hormone-related substance known as ?prostaglandin E1?, which works in a similar manner to ED drugs. A number of injections combine Alprostadil with other substances e.g vasodilator and phentolamine (alpha-blocker) to boost its potency.

Your physician can show you how to insert your own injections at home.

3. Suppositories
Males who aren?t fond of the idea of getting an injection or simply fear needles and pain, can use a suppository known as ?MUSE? which includes the substance Alprostadil which you can also take and is as potent as injections.

Ridwan Shabsigh, MD and manager of the Urology department at Maimonides Medical Center and Columbia NY university professor, supports that injection is directly inserted to the male organ while the suppository is placed inside the urethra and when it is received it decreases in potency.

Both of these techniques have one major drawback: Males that take injections or MUSE often complain that these decrease the natural impulse of sexual intercourse due to the fact that they take some time to get prepared and inserted to region.
4. Pumps
Vacuum suction devices (penis pumps) may sound hilarious and bizarre (remember the Austin Power film?) but they are actually very potent in boosting the blood circulation towards the penis and they are directly available at a minimal price.

The procedure of drawing air from the tube directs blood flow to the erectile region. To keep an erection after using the pump tube, it is wise to place a construction ring at the start of the penis.

5. Construction rings
Construction rings (best known as ?cock rings?) are placed over the beginning of the penis to retard the pace which blood gets out of the penis. While they won?t boost blood circulation into the penis, they can extend the duration of the erection once you get it (after using a penis pump for example).

7 Options for Treating Erectile Dysfunction 2
The usage of cock rings should also be avoided for more than half an hour and should be taken off urgently in case you encounter any discomfort, cold, numbness or other uncomfortable sensation in the region.

6. Implants
The mechanisms of penis implants are constantly upgrading and Dr. Shabsigh supports that they stack against implants in other regions of the body.

There are basically 2 forms of implants.

The first is ?inflatable implants? which are types of cylinders that are placed in the erection parts of the penis and rise through a hydraulic pump inserted under the penis.

The second type is malleable implants which are partially stiff and flexible rods that are placed into the penis and can be adjusted directly by hand into a risen and slack position.

7. Surgery
Vascular surgery is the last option of treatments for ED but it may work in some males when everything else has failed. Doctors confirm that some men can find vascular surgery helpful but only a small minority of 1% who suffer from ED. It is similar to getting an artery bypass and only a few surgeons across the nation can perform it.