Precautions to Take After Total Joint Replacement Surgery

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Don?t know what precautions you should take after total joint replacement surgery? You?re at the right place. There are a number of safety measures that can really help you heal properly and avoid further injury after replacement surgery.

Don?t put weight on the new joint

New joint isn?t capable of bearing your weight. They need some time to get fully recovered. If you try to put weight on your new joint after total joint replacement surgery Denver, chances are that you can make it worse and even incurable. So, it?s recommended that you should follow your physican?s instructions until you?re fully recovered. You should use crutches or a cane to prevent a fall.

Don?t switch feet while climbing stairs

It has been observed that people who don?t follow their physician?s instructions seriously often experience a slow recovery. Try to climb stairs using the same foot each time and there?s no need to switch foot for each stair. Relax and rest for some time before you climb to next step.

Others measures

  • Use chairs that are higher than our knees.
  • Don?t twist or cross your legs.
  • Don?t sit for long hours and keep changing your positions.
  • Don?t bend your waist to get things from lower height. You can use a tool to pick things up.
  • Follow your doctor?s instructions about your sleeping position.
  • Use a toilet seat extender to put less weight on your knees.

You should contact Physical Rehabilitation Denver to get the best advice regarding your positions and movements. Don?t try something new on your own, thinking it will help speed up your recovery process. It will do nothing but make your situation even more complex. ?

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