How to Gain Perfect Physique without Losing Health – Practical Steps

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So you decided to discover how to gain perfect physique in a short time. Now, where to start?

This guide will present very good steps on how to overcome this challenge, covering the main components: diet, exercise and rest.

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First of all, let’s combine here what exactly it means to know how to gain body. For the purposes of this challenge, the person has a healed body when he manages to become physically active, conscious of his diet, free of chronic diseases and with a percentage of fat within the standards considered Excellent or Good.


To overcome the challenge of knowing how to gain body in the most effective way possible, you will need to monitor your data consistently. The data is essential for you, week by week, to check if it is evolving or not.


The data you will need to track are:

A) Body weight

Let’s start the practical steps for you to know how to gain body through physique and figure training.

As soon as you wake up and after going to the bathroom, take off your clothes and weigh yourself.


Important: If you think you are at a dangerous level of obesity, calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). Divide your weight (in kilograms) by the height (in meters) squared (use this calculator to make it easier). If the result is greater than 30, see a doctor. If you are over 40, you are at a level of morbid obesity, so start bikini fitness training courses.

B) Percentage of fat


The percentage of fat is the most difficult measure to follow. The best methods are dual-beam X-ray absorptiometry, the capsule with alternating air pressures and the ultrasound system.

Let’s face it, none of the three are around the corner. That way, we’ll stick with the skin folding method. To measure it, you will need to either go to a doctor / physical assessor or buy an adipometer and take the measurements yourself.