Fit & Fabulous: Aging Gracefully

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Weight loss can be simple and fun if you heal your whole self. Fit and Fabulous teaches women over 40 to lose weight with confidence and ease, gaining vitality and joy in all areas of life.

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According to Psychology Today women between the ages of 40 and 56 are among the least satisfied, least healthy and least happy people in America. Why? Because our beliefs about wellness hold us back. In an age of chronic stress, competition, and unhealthy beauty standards, women of all ages (but especially women over 40) are blocked from achieving their full potential by lack of focus on all three aspects of true vitality: mind, body, and spirit.

All three are required – the mind, body, and spirit work in tandem to heal the whole self, but if one is suffering, the others follow. Re-vitalize your mind, body, and spirit for optimum vitality. To assess your mental, physical, and spiritual readiness for fitness, take the FREE Wholeness Checklist today.

Maya Mondesi, the founder of Maya M. Fitness, guides readers through a journey of weight loss through the exploration of the mind, body, and spirit dimensions of wellness. Maya’s fun, practical, and exciting guide to fitness teaches women over 40 the essential tools they need to reclaim their vitality at any age.

Traditional fitness plans focus only on the physical aspects of health. Crash diets, intense cardio, and other health trends ask us to push ourselves beyond our capacities, promising thinness but delivering frustration. For women over 40, this kind of fitness is especially dangerous and ineffective, often promoting illness, injury, and defeat.

If you are feeling stuck in your fitness goals, Fit and Fabulous will guide you through the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of aging gracefully and gaining wholeness. Maya’s fitness practices approach weight loss through a holistic perspective which is proven to be more effective and long-lasting than popular “get-thin-quick” programs.

Through simple workbooks, exercise plans, diet tips, and self-care suggestions, Maya guides readers through the mind, body, and spirit dimensions of wellness. All three are crucial pillars of vitality.

To re-claim the mind, Maya asks thought-provoking questions to help you assess your mindset. If your mental patterns are holding you back from achieving your fitness goals, new subconscious programming can jumpstart your willpower and launch you to greater heights.

Then, by focusing on overall wellness, Maya assists readers in re-calibrating their bodies for true vitality.  Through the newest research on holistic diet and exercise, Fit and Fabulous will guide you through building your own diet and exercise plan for optimum strength and fitness.

Lastly, Maya guides the reader through the spiritual adjustments needed for fitness success. The spirit dimensions of wellness allow you to see yourself as a whole person and re-gain meaning in your life by releasing old traumas that hold you back. True wellness means going within as well as without.

Click the link: FREE Wholeness Checklist  to get instant access to your quick and easy self-assessment and begin your journey to fit and fabulous today!

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