Clean the Air Naturally

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Use natural plants to generate oxygen

There are some plants whose properties can help us to eliminate contaminants. Within these we find several very common.

The flower of peace, candle of the wind and Marigolds (flower of the dead) are useful to eliminate formaldehyde. The snake plant and the Tiger Tongue Prickly Pear Cactus are very useful to eliminate particles of benzene and xylene.


On the other hand, the bamboo palm eliminates ammonia and xylene. These elements are used in the manufacture of fertilizers and certain cleaning and cooling products.

It is necessary that we bet on an environmental alternative and recreate a natural space in our homes. Thus, it is essential to reduce the excessive use of contaminating products. So, use natural air purifier gel.

For this, we would like to offer Purefolio, a top Australian natural product to purify the indoor air. It is also effective against covid.

Plants help to purify the air

Temperature changes and the use of heating as air conditioning are factors that predispose to the appearance of humidity.

So, if you live in a region with a climate that changes a lot, it is necessary to install certain dehumidifiers at home, which prevent the accumulation of moisture and where the formation of mold.

Avoid using contaminating substances

It is important to know which substances to use inside the home and which ones do not even if you don’t believe it.

Both air fresheners and aroma candles are synthetic substances that expel carbon dioxide. After prolonged use, they can affect even the ozone layer.

Sofas, blankets, pillows and certain animals are authentic stores of particles and other contaminants. They work as a transport for volatile substances, hair and feathers that promote the appearance of certain allergic processes.

The cleaning products with chemical compounds rich in formaldehyde, ammonia and trichlorethylene, are identified by WHO as harmful products for health.