PURSUIT Fitness Training – The Best Exercises to Do Outdoors

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When talking about physical exercise, it is normal to associate this practice with spaces and equipment such as the exercise room, cardiovascular machines, strength machines or even group classes, also forgetting that we can train in outdoor spaces, where our body will be our main resistance.

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PURSUIT fitness training (outdoor workouts) can be an essential tool as a complement to gym training, as it will allow you to perform circuit training, workouts with reduced rest periods or even perform more effective interval cardiovascular work, all methodologies that sometimes make it difficult to perform indoors.

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There are also other advantages of outdoor training, as you will also have gains in vitamin D due to sun exposure, you will have the opportunity to breathe natural air and you will have a greater relationship with nature.

American College Sports Medicine (ACSM) claims that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), PURSUIT fitness business and Body Weight Training (calisthenic) are the major fitness trends.

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In the first case, without a doubt, it is a very effective training method when performed in an outdoor environment, since all its methodology is based on the relationship between work time and rest, so you can control the training without any external interference.

Body Weight Training is a workout where we use the body as the main muscle resistance tool, being able to enhance the exercise with various “materials” that nature and the urban environment offers, such as garden benches, trees, stairs, among others.

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Some examples of outdoor exercises:

  1. Push Up
  2. Step up
  3. Dips

There is a wide range of outdoor training options, such as walking, cycling, exercise circuits with body weight, exercises using the means available in parks or enclosures or even using equipment such as TRX, ropes, agility ladders, free weights, etc. Still as an option, join the groups that are starting to form, such as race groups.