What Qualities Should a Core Personal Trainer Have?

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After all, it is important to keep in mind that, once you have completed the core conditioning certification, you will start to deal directly with the public, their desires and insecurities, in addition to helping them to achieve dreams and goals. And it is clear that such responsibility requires some preparation.


We can say that the main qualities of a personal trainer should be:

  • Having a good education – University education is very important in the composition of the professional. It is from personal trainer continuing education that he acquires the necessary knowledge to know how to act in each case. That way too, he can act more safely, preventing his students from suffering injuries or accidents;
  • Acting according to your profile – Not every core training professional can act in all aspects of the profession. If we think about the issue of training, yes, that would be possible. However, you will need to find the environment that will really make you a happy and successful professional. Some take public exams and become Physical Education teachers in professional schools, others work in gyms, others still become personal trainers, there are still those who dedicate themselves to a specific modality. Find the one that has the most “your face” and go ahead;


  • Being more than a mere trainer – The personal trainer becomes, in a way, a friend and psychologist of his students. It is important to build relationships of trust and respect. The student needs to feel comfortable and free to talk to him whenever he needs. Often, the change he wants so badly needs to happen from the inside out, and the sports coach also needs to help, in a way, in this externalization;
  • Having a good speech – We are not talking in elaborate words, but in expressing yourself well.