The Green Veggie Burger Passed the Consumer Tests Successfully

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Have you ever felt bad for your vegetarian friends while eating your perfectly grilled hamburger just because you think they are missing the delights of eating it? Well, maybe you?re the one who is actually missing out something very special.

That?s because the green veggie burger made on the restaurants nowadays are the best thing to eat because they are legitimately delicious. At restaurants such as Green Paris which is in the ?French Cuisine Country?. Green veggie burgers have achieved gourmet status and are being liked by all the customers, including me of course!

Green is taking the task of convincing the customers that you can eat healthy by eating organic foods, that too in a gastronomic way. Green vegetables are the most potent and most ignored super food in this world. It?s almost a wonder that we can live without the green fruits and vegetables keeping in mind the powerful dose of minerals, proteins, vitamins and antioxidants we get from them. Hence, to remain healthy and fit, we should eat green foods as much we can as they have more calorie than any other food. Greens are rich in fiber, Vitamins like A, E, C and K and minerals as well. And most importantly they are very low in fat that is they lower the risk of any Heart diseases as well. Hence proved that green is better!

These burgers are entirely composed of the healthy ingredients and the burger Bio Green 100% vegetable is getting thumbs up for its good taste. I myself have enjoyed these burgers and I must say these are the best things to have a lunch with. They have used black beans, lens, golden brioche, and Quinoa as the main ingredients as their super ingredients. And I’m loving it!

They have following two main recipes and both are made with lentils and organic black beans:


2)Black beans/Quinoa

I have enjoyed both and I suggest you to try these as these are healthy and tasty as well.