Exotic Fruits And Plants That You Must Try

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There are uncountable fruits and plants, however, what is important is to note which ones are the perfect ones to consume. Especially during this year, when we need a well functioning immune system, what do we need? Some exotic fruits and plants to try!

Here is a list that we have created to make your searching easier.

Exotic Fruits And Plants That You Must Try


It is Chayote which is a fruit but eaten like a vegetable. Sometimes it is needed to be cooked, and this is why it seems to be a vegetable when eaten.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit, is also also known as pitahaya or strawberry pear. It is a tropical fruit and is a very exotic one at that. It has got a red skin which is very bright and it increases the exoticness as the colour is very tempting. It is pulpy and very soft.


There is no guarantee that every Physalis species will be bearing fruits that are edible. They are however very much like tomato. They are very similar to pineapple and strawberries in taste and their acidity remains milder than most.


Atemoya is rounded or heart shaped which makes it very interesting and exotic in shape. It is bruised and it is also a little tough in texture. It is very exotic in taste and it ensures a light snacking at the time of hunger.

Star Fruit

This fruit remains at the heart of the fruit eater. It is shaped like a five pointed star, and is a very exotic one. It remains a mysterious one at that because the shape remains a mystery. However, it tastes great!


Durian does not look very pretty however it tastes kind of bad as well but is quite exotic, you do not see it anywhere easily. It does not become available anywhere easily and it remains an exotic one due to this.


Pomelo is an exotic fruit and it belongs to the famous citrus family. The citrus family is also very healthy. It carries a lot of Vitamin C.

Kiwano or horned melon

Kiwano is more often known as horned melon. It looks very different than normal melon and it also has a name similar to how it looks.

These fruits are quite exotic and they lead to better health as well, there are so many reasons to have these fruits. Dragon Fruit being our most favourite! Exotic fruits and plants are often the highlight of vegetarians and if you are a vegetarian, then these exotic fruits are the best. These fruits end up giving one a sense of exoticness and especially if you are going to the beach, you can take some with you and have a good beach picnic. These are also good for eating at vacations, or just for a general breakfast. And yes, not to forget, they are great to put on your Instagram stories! You will be called not just cool, but healthy as well.

Happy eating!