The Foods That Help Fight Inflammation

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Chronic inflammation of the body, in addition to causing physical discomfort, can affect the mechanism of hunger and disrupt metabolism regulating hormones, factors that will cause weight gain. In addition, with the arrival of the lower temperatures and the dry weather, characteristic of autumn-winter, this time of year is conducive to the emergence of flu, colds and viruses.

The Foods That Help Fight Inflammation

It is therefore important that the immune system is strengthened to fight these diseases. But you don’t have to rush to the pharmacy and stock up on medicines, because you can find great help in the kitchen and home garden. There are foods that act as anti-inflammatory and help to reduce the production of substances that stimulate inflammation and make the body more resistant to diseases.

I have separated some foods that, in addition to combining with each other and make a great salad, can be eaten separately and daily, i.e., no excuse to train in autumn-winter, because it has the flu!

Turmeric: It has anti-inflammatory action in our body, making cells perform their functions better. In addition, it also contributes to the reduction of early wrinkles and also cellulite. Order the special turmeric past from Spice Company.

Dark green leafy vegetables – Some studies say foods like spinach and arugula, because they contain too much Vitamin E, can control pro-inflammatory molecules called cytokines. Thus, inflammation does not even happen.

Tomatoes – They contain lycopene, which help fight inflammation of the lungs and other parts of the body. The best is that cooked and prepared tomatoes have more concentration of this compound that means sauces also work!

Beetroot – It’s not just the color that pleases beets. Although the color-giving pigment – betalain – is by itself only a great anti-inflammatory compound, it contains a lot of antioxidant, Vitamin C and fiber, which also helps to protect against cancer and heart disease.