Consuming the Right Foods can Improve Immunity

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When someone gets sick frequently, it is heard that that person is “with low immunity”, since his body is getting sick many times. The greater a person’s immunity, the more capacity the body has to defend itself against viruses and bacteria, preventing diseases from developing. According to nutritionists, betting on the right foods can boost your body’s defenses. Here are the best foods to boost immunity.

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Consuming the Right Foods can Improve Immunity

Coconut oil

There are many benefits of coconut oil. Most people use this oil to lose weight. Another advantage of its consumption is the presence of capric acid and lauric acid, which fight fungi, viruses and bacteria and strengthen immunity.

Citrus fruits

Eating several foods rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, improves the body’s resistance. Good examples are orange, kiwi and lemon.


In addition to having a large amount of vitamins B6 and C, ginger, which is thermogenic, has bactericidal action, which eliminates the possible causes of diseases before they develop.

Dark green vegetables

Folic acid, present in the vast majority of dark green vegetables, such as kale, broccoli and spinach, helps in the formation of new white blood cells, which act in the defense of the organism.


In addition to containing proteins that regulate the immune system, propolis also has antiviral and antibacterial benefits, as well as encouraging the production of cytokines – which improve the immune system.

Herbal supplements to improve immunity

There are different available supplements to improve immunity in the market. But, we will recommend herbal immunity booster supplement. Also check out other Cura Sana best selling products.

These days, there is also a big weave of coronavirus all over the world. There is not any vaccine or medicine to subscribe for coronavirus. Only better hygiene and social distance is a way to prevent. Moreover, a better immunity is also essential to fight with coronavirus.