Everything You Need to Know About DOT Physical Exams

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A DOT physical examination is the process by which a licensed medical expert investigates your body for signs of different health conditions. ?It?s the evaluation performed by a certified medical examiner to see if you?re capable of driving a commercial vehicle.

Everything You Need to Know About DOT Physical Exams

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What does it consist of?

There?re a number of things that have been taken into consideration during the DOT physical exam. It?s a simple and hassle-free process that includes performing the exam, taking your medical history, and filling out other necessary paperwork. There?s nothing to worry about. All you need is to provide them with complete information of your general health alongside your family background.

After providing medical history, you?re all ready for your DOT physical exam. In addition to performing a urinalysis test, they measure your height, take your pulse and blood pressure, check your breathing, weigh you, examine your range of motion, and inspect your ears and eyes thoroughly. The last in the DOT Physical Exam is the paperwork. They fill out all the basic paperwork to process your exam results. You?re given a copy of the exam together with your DOT medical card, which you need to keep with you all the times when you?re on the road.

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