Does Body Massage Really Reduce Hypertension?

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Body messages are meant to relax one?s body from aches and pain. This therapy is taken into account from ancient times, it relieves the stress; rejuvenate the body mentally as well as physically. Some people think that it is wastage of time and money. But, this is a myth, as it works deeply from veins to hormones and reduces the stress level in the brain. Massage relaxes the muscles and promotes the production of mitochondria which boost up the energy level.

The basics of doing massage are still same but people have enhanced it by using various types of oils like olive oil, tea tree oil, and almond oil etc. for different types of pains in the body. Use of technological tools like rollers and acupressure balls makes it more effective. Ayurveda message, Thai massage, sports massage, foot massage and Balinese massage are served by spas to give relief from hypertension and body aches.


There are following benefits of body message:

  1. Increase blood flow to the muscles and tissues
  2. Make the tissues warm for better functioning
  3. Relax the muscles
  4. Reduce stiffness from the body
  5. Eliminate soreness
  6. Stimulate blood circulation
  7. Vanish aches and pain
  8. Relief from fatigue and tiredness
  9. Reduces the stress level in the body

Our body functions properly when the intrinsic factors perform well. The increased level of stress and tension leads to disbalance in the secretion of Adrenaline and Cortisol hormonesthatresult in an ill body. You can easily balance the level of hormones by simply taking a good body massage. This will reduce the problem of anxiety and hypertension in your body.

Stay healthy, stay fit.

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