Why Supplement Minerals?

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Foods today go through a lot of processing. This processing strips our food of many minerals that are important to our general health and well-being.

Adding chemical fertilizers to the soils further complicates the issue. Chemicals may control pests and weeds, but they do not replace the many key minerals that the plants “mine” from the soil. Each following year there are fewer and fewer minerals available for plants to concentrate. When there are fewer minerals in the plants, there are fewer minerals for you when you eat them!

Part of the digestion process is “activating” the minerals that are in your food. Activation includes converting plant-formulated minerals into ionic minerals. These ions are suspended in body fluids until they are moved into your cells for their specific role in your health. It is vital that the minerals that are in what you eat become ionized so that your cells can use them.

C R Supplements, LLC provides many ionic mineral supplements in an easy to use liquid form. These minerals are the same size that a plant hair root would absorb for the growth and nutrition of that plant. Ionic minerals are easy for your body to both absorb and to get into your cells where their primary work is done. They are quick acting with mild or no taste. It’s easy to modify the amount for specific needs, too! Add several different minerals to your daily liquid intake for a continual supply throughout your day!


What do minerals do in my body?

There are three different ways that ionized minerals work to keep you healthy. First, your body uses minerals to accomplish today’s activities and repair work. Minerals that are left over from immediate use are used to complete any remaining damage repairs from yesterday. Finally, storage is the third project for your mineral intake. Storage is for those days when you are eating for fun instead of eating to support your body.

Each mineral element achieves its power through bio-chemical combination with other elements. In other words, ionized minerals work synergistically with each other.

What can I expect when I start supplementing with these Easy to Swallow Liquid Minerals?

After starting C R Supplements products some people feel a difference in a very short time, while others have a more subtle change that takes longer to recognize. Ultimately, most people feel increased energy, an improved sense of well-being, and an overall feeling of better health. Remember that good nutrition is a long-term health program, not a quick fix.

Life is about balance.

Nutritional supplements can be a wise part of that balancing process. Use C R Supplements Easy to Swallow Liquid Minerals and products to improve and maintain your health balance. Our products give you the opportunity to take charge of your health.

High above the South Fork of the Clearwater River

C R Supplements, LLC overlooks the sparse populations adjoining several designated wilderness areas of our Idaho Rocky Mountains. Our products start with good deep well-water (1200?) that has been through a six-step purification process which includes reverse osmosis. Then the mineral in the purest elemental form that we can find, usually 99.9% pure mineral, is added to this purified water. An in-house ICP machine?Inductively Coupled Plasma machine?is used to verify mineral ppm. We use third-party testing, also.

We offer 21 different ionic, electrolytic, angstrom-sized mineral waters and three other liquid products. Each mineral is bottled individually, making it easy for those who are targeting a specific mineral. Perhaps you want more Magnesium but without more Calcium. Or you want to increase Zinc without adding Copper, etc.

There are no preservatives, no stabilizers, no additives, no sugars and no colorants. This makes them perfect for those with sensitivities! C R Supplements products are Kosher of America certified and PAREVE (free of dairy and meat). Therefore, they are good for those with dairy sensitivities and vegan or vegetarian choices.

Our minerals are economical. One teaspoon a day is a minimum maintenance for a healthy individual. A pint will last 3 months at one teaspoon a day. If a health care professional directs you to use a tablespoon daily, a pint will last one month.

C R Supplements, LLC?s ownership has over 100 years of collective experiences satisfying customers with our product standardization, quality control, great customer service, quick shipping and liquid minerals that are easy to use!

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