The Military Diet – How It Works and Tips

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With so many diets and weight loss methods available out there, it is somewhat complicated to choose the best diet program to achieve weight loss, right? That is why it is important to know the various methods of weight loss before opting for one of them.

How does the military diet work?

The military diet is also known as the three-day diet and it promises the elimination of approximately 4.5 kg in the range of just one week. The method is to follow a diet for three days of the week and spend the other four days without following the diet. The idea is to repeat the cycle until you achieve the favorable weight loss.

Supporters of this diet say that it was crafted by US Army nutritionists as a way to quickly get the soldiers in shape. However, officially the food program is not associated with any military or governmental organization.

Military Diet

The method provides for low calorie consumption. On the first day, it proposes the consumption of 1,400 calories. The determination is still consuming 1,200 calories in the second and ingesting 1,100 calories on the third day of the week.

These first three days consist of only three meals: dinner, lunch and breakfast and snacks are not allowed throughout the day.

Already for the other four days of week, the indication of the military diet is to eat a healthy diet, but to keep the intake of calorie low. For these days, there are no restrictions on food groups; it is allowed to make snacks throughout the day, however, it is recommended not to consume over 1,500 calories.

It is also recommended to consume a good amount of water. In addition, you may drink the amount of tea or coffee, but you do not add calories through creams or sugar to drinks.

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