A Simple Guide To HCG Phases For Beginners

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If you are looking to lose weight and are just beginning to learn about the HCG diet plan, then you must certainly have come across the concept of HCG diet phases. And if you don?t know what the concept refers to, then this post is for you. The HCG diet plan is said to be effective only when its four phases are properly observed, which include the loading phase, the diet phase, the stabilization phase, and the maintenance phase. Below we look at each of these phases in brief detail.


Phase 1 ? The Loading Phase

The first two days of the HCG diet plan is called the loading phase, in which you are allowed to eat anything. In fact, you have to overeat. Get your hands on the most oily, sugary items you can find and gorge on them. Loading up on excess carbs and fats will ensure that when the actual diet begins, your body has stores of fat ready to meet the energy needs of the body. You will also start taking the HCG hormones from this phase, either as drops or as injections. And though there is often a heated debate among people as to the benefits of taking drops vs injections, you can choose to take either of them as per your convenience.

Phase 2 ? The Diet Phase

Once the loading phase is done with, the diet phase begins. This is where you will be surviving on just 500 calories per day. The rules of what to eat, what not to eat are mentioned in the HCG guidelines. As such, you should have no trouble in coming up with a meal plan which honors those guidelines. During this phase, the HCG will burn the abnormal fats in your body. Meanwhile, you will have to continue taking the hormones daily. The phase runs for about 21 to 42 days.

Phase 3 ? The Stabilization Phase

Once the diet phase is completed, you will stop taking the HCG hormones. However, you will continue with the low calorie diet for two more days, which are known as the transition days. And then, you can start eating more quantities and varieties of food. You should only increase the food intake slowly. Ideally, you must only raise it to about 1000 to 1500 calories. Foods that contain starches and sugars are strictly prohibited in this period. You will also have to measure the changes in weight.? The stabilization phase lasts for 21 days.

Phase 4 ? The Maintenance Phase

The maintenance phase starts after you have passed through the stabilization phase. And

unlike what the name might indicate, this is not a ?phase?. In fact, this period refers to the rest of your lives. The HCG guidelines recommend that you continue to maintain a healthy diet hereafter, while only allowing yourself to indulge in the sugary, fatty items on rare occasions.

The above is a simple explanation of what constitutes the various phases of the HCG diet plan. Be sure to thoroughly research all aspects of the program so that you will know the exact rules to follow to make your diet plan a success.