How to Apply for BSN Admission

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A BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree program is a four-year university or college course on campus or online that prepares students to work as registered nurses. Nurses with a BSN degree get more responsibilities and a higher salary than those who only have associate degree.


Admission Requirements for BSN Program

An applicant for freshman BSN program should achieve these minimum requirements to qualify for university admission.

  • GPA of at least 2.5 but most schools require 3.0
  • A minimum of C grade in chemistry and biology
  • A minimum of C grade in math and English


BSN Program Application Process

The application process begins when an interested student identifies a university offering nursing programs and expressing interest by writing an application.

An appropriate BSN application requires the student to submit the following:

  1. A current resume providing personal information, achievements and certifications
  2. Transcripts from all the previous institutions
  3. up-to-date per semester transcripts for students taking a prerequisite course before admission
  4. Letters of recommendation
  5. A cover letter
  6. A nursing admission essay


Purpose of A BSN Admission Essay

A nursing admission essay has an essential role in revealing the reasons for interest in the nursing profession and the reason why admission to a BSN program will help to achieve the objective.

An admission essay conveys the unique qualities that make an applicant worth a place in a BSN program and ability to complete the program. It helps the admissions board or committee to know about other strong points by the person beyond the academic grades.

The panel also uses an admission essay to evaluate the ability to organize thoughts coherently.


Tips to write a BSN admission essay

An admission essay plays an essential role in convincing the admissions staff that you possess crucial qualities and abilities that make you an ideal candidate for admission. ??These tips will make it easier to write an admission essay and for the reader to follow your thoughts.

1. Follow writing instructions

Different nursing schools have varying requirements. Take time to review the instructions and understand them. The requirements include the number of words, pages, and spacing.

You should also determine the scope of the BSN admission essay that the boards anticipate. If the instruction requires an answer to a specific question, the essay should be short with a direct response. If you find a question that needs an explanation, it is essential to broaden the piece. E.g. if the question is “why you have an interest in nursing,” the readers expect several reasons.

2. Sell your personality

Admissions board expect to find information that is not of the transcripts and other documents in the application package in your BSN admission essay. Use it to provide personal background showing your that you are ready for nursing training, the experience you would take to the university, career expectations and why admission to the institution will help you to attain the goals.

3. Be brief and concise

There could be many things to write about your suitability for BSN program, but you should limit your admission essay to few topics or issues. Do not repeat the many things on the resume. You should write about a few aspects of experience like helping to volunteer in a nursing home beginning with the significant and main idea since someone may decide to focus on it alone.

4. Provide supportive examples

Do not write something without supporting it to proof the information is legitimate. For instance, if you state that you like a team player, remember to include information on situations where you served in a group like working as a member of the high school first aid club.

5. Write in your words and tone

There are many examples of BSN admission essays, but they are a guideline but not a reflection of your personality. Do not copy ideas and phrases that do not suit your character. A statement such as “healthcare providers require more nurses, and that is why I want to join nursing” can fit anyone. Instead, it is wise to provide an experience such as witnessing suffering by patients who were too many for medical practitioner after a flu outbreak in your community.

6. Cite sources when necessary

A one or two-page BSN admission essay may not require citing, but it could be essential if you write about a topic that needs supporting facts or statistics that are only available from information by other authors. It shows honesty since you cannot have all these facts in mind. APA format is the referencing style that many nursing schools use unless you get other instructions.

7. Write in formal language without errors

It is essential to write a formal essay, well-organized essay that has an introduction, body, and conclusion. The ideas should be coherent without grammar errors since the admissions board also tests your communication abilities.

The foundation for writing an excellent BSN admission essay and meeting all the application requirement is to gather essential details about the course, your preferred field and defining how your personality qualifies you for the role.