The Pillow With a Hole – The Best CNH Pillow

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The Original Pillow With A Hole is a very effective treatment for ear pressure sores, lesions and chronic ear pain. Ear pressure sores and lesions are known medically as Chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis, or ?CNH? for short. This condition most often occurs in the elderly but it can present itself at any age, especially of you are a side sleeper and tend not to move around very much while you sleep.

Ear pressure sores and CNH ear develop gradually over time. The condition occurs due to friction and pressure, specifically the friction and pressure of your ear rubbing against your pillow at night. Over the years, if you sleep on the same side night after night, the tissue of the ear gradually breaks down, especially where the skin is thinnest around the cartilage, and a small lesion or pressure sore can form. This ear pressure sore is incredibly painful and unfortunately very stubborn and difficult to cure because unless the source of friction and pressure can be removed, the condition will only worsen.


Many times I have had customers tell me that they have suffered from CNH ear for several years and that they have been prescribed various creams by their doctors but to no avail. The lack of response to the suggested treatment is entirely due to the fact that their pillow is still exerting pressure on their ear and only through completely removing this pressure can the ear begin to heal.

That is where the Original Pillow With A Hole comes in. Because of its patented design, you are able to sleep comfortably without your ear touching the fabric of the pillow. This allows the ear to heal completely.? Indeed, I have many happy customers sending us messages telling me that either their own ear pressure sores or that of their loved ones has been completely cured. This may sound like a sensational claim however testimonials are available on our website and if you were to try it yourself you would certainly see the benefits.

The secret lies in the Original Pillow With A Hole?s simple yet thoughtful design. The pillow is hand made in the United Kingdom from soft poplin fabric and is filled with hypoallergenic hollowfibre stuffing. The dimensions have been painstakingly perfected over years through trial and error and our stuffing technique is now second to none. This means that each pillow is both soft and comfortable yet supportive enough to keep the pressure from your ear.

To find out more about the Original Pillow With A Hole is the best CNH pillow, please visit our website.