Superfoods for Better Health

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What Exactly Are Superfoods?

I?m sure most of us by now have heard of the expression ?superfoods?, but what exactly are they?

Honestly, there isn?t one single ?superfood? that can improve your health by itself, it doesn?t work that way. Most doctors agree that eating a variety of different vegetables and fruits is the key to getting proper nutrition. It?s also well known that limiting foods that contain large amounts of sugar, and saturated fats is advisable.

All that being said, certain foods do provide a much better nutritional prolife than others. These foods are what we refer to as ?superfoods?. Add some of these amazing foods to your diet, and you?ll certainly see improvements in your health. So, what are some superfoods that you can easily incorporate into your diet? Let?s take a look:


All different types of berries are very healthy. Berries are full of vitamins, fiber, and phytochemicals (which are known to help lower the risk of chronic diseases).

It?s been known since the beginning of time that berries can help you maintain good health. So, it?s no surprise to see berries included on the list of superfoods.


As bad as some of us might think broccoli tastes, you can?t deny that it?s one of the healthiest foods that you can eat. Green vegetables are full of essential vitamins and minerals. And broccoli in particular contains large amounts of vitamin A and C, as well as folic acids. And, like other cruciferous vegetables, broccoli is well known for containing sulforaphane, a cancer fighting agent.


Quinoa is a barely like seed that comes from farms in South America. Many times it is used as a replacement for rice, especially when trying to add some extra fiber into your diet. It?s full of flavor, and high in protein. Also worth noting, is that quinoa is gluten-free.

Green Tea

Green tea has been known for its health benefits by many different cultures for thousands of years. Green tea leaves have large amounts of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which is an antioxidant that has a wide variety of health benefits. Among which are lowering cholesterol as well as blood pressure.

Tree Nuts

Raw nuts have many amazing health benefits, when eaten in small portions. Raw almonds, peanuts, cashews, and others give you a nice serving of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, as well as fiber. Some nuts also contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals such as iron and magnesium.


Superfoods are amazing for your overall health, and incorporating them into your diet isn?t as hard as you might think. A great resource for information on other superfoods is get healthy lab, so if you still want to know more you can do some research.