How to Take Care of After Sunburn

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We are already immersed in the summer, there are many who are hunting for the perfect broaching. Today we talk about care about sunburn, so that those who have not been so successful, you can recover the health of your skin as soon as possible using after sunburn products available at Bestkenko, without leaving any mark.


We know that if you are reading this post it may be late and you are already burned, however, remember for future sun exposures that the prevention of sunburn is essential for the health of our skin, and avoid problems such as spots, and diseases like Melanomas.

Always apply a protection factor according to your skin at least half an hour before sun exposure and renew it at least every 2 hours. Take the sun in an intelligent way and avoid being exposed to the sun directly for more than half an hour. If you are, for example, spending the day on the beach, combine intervals in the sun with intervals in the shade.

Lower the temperature of your skin

Sunburn is characterized by a reddening and inflammation of the skin, accompanied by an increase in its temperature. The first thing in these cases is to lower this temperature increase, for which it is recommended to take a shower with warm water immediately afterwards. Do not rub on the affected area, nor wash with excessively hot or cold water, which could aggravate the problem. You can use a gel with Aloe Vera available at Bestkenko, ideal for burned skin.

If even after the shower you notice very hot skin, apply a cold compress to return to your usual temperature. If you do not have a specific compress for this, you can wrap some ice in a towel and put them on the affected area. Never apply ice directly to your skin.


A burn on the skin causes a significant loss of fluid in our body, which can lead to dehydration, nausea, headache and thirst, so it is essential that you hydrate outside and inside:

  • Drink plenty of water, or even some isotonic in the later hours.
  • Use some after sun products to rehydrate the skin. They are highly recommended those gels available at Bestkenko based on Aloe Vera, or calendula, for moisturizing and emollient properties.

Protect your skin

Try to touch your skin as little as possible; do not scratch yourself, do not wear clothes that touch you. If skins begin to appear, do not peel them and let them fall naturally.

If blisters appear, do not touch them, and cover them with gauze if they explode. If the surface with blisters exceeds 20% of the burned surface, or the inflammation is not reduced with the previous care, go to a doctor so you can prescribe a specific treatment.

Do not expose yourself to the sun until you are recovered

The most effective way for your skin to recover its natural appearance quickly is not to sunbathe for a few days, as well as avoid bathing in salt water.