The Future of the Personalized Skincare is Rich in Data

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Have you looked at a cosmetics shelf and thought about the variety of products that exist today? A single company has curly, straight and wavy hair products, while companies focused on personalized skincare cosmetics and treatments for mixed, oily or dry skin – at a minimum.

This change is to blame for beauty techs, startups focused on the beauty market. They are bringing personalization, augmented and virtual reality and even artificial intelligence into the world of beauty – and this is a path of no return.

The Future of the Personalized Skincare is Rich in Data

Technology has brought mass production … and customization

Personalization is allowing cosmetics to be tailored to consumers. Although this initiative is already available through handling pharmacies, these products make up a small portion of the necessaries. The personalization of beauty techs arises even to replace products that were previously bought in perfumes, which because they were generic, had few results.

This is the case of startup Function of Beauty. Founded in New York in 2015, the company has developed a quiz to learn specific information from its consumers, such as hair color and texture, and what results they want after using products.

The startup has an algorithm to combine the available ingredients in the amount necessary to bring the result expected by the consumer. Personalization is available from start to finish: in addition to being able to tell you what key qualities you want in your hair, you can also choose from the pastel colors available for the shampoo, your favorite smell and its intensity – the customer’s name printed on the packaging (if he wishes, of course).

Another Big Apple startup brings the same proposal, but with a slight difference: consulting with professionals. Prose Hair has expert consultants to help its consumers customize the perfect formula for them. The process starts with an online consultation in which the consultant traces the client’s scalp and hair profile.