Lift Chair Buying Guide

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For those who are having difficulty standing or sitting down, a lift chair is what you need. Lift chairs are similar with recliners but they can recline further than the later. These are usually used by people who are suffering from injuries or those who have a hard time standing and sitting.

Lift chairs are categorized as a medical equipment since it helps aid its users to stand or sit without causing injury. They are designed to fit into your home without standing out too much.

So if you are planning to buy yourself a lift chair, here are the things you must consider before buying one.


Lift chairs can come in all shapes and sizes. The first thing you have to consider is its size. Ask yourself before swiping that card: do I have enough space? A normal-size lift chair is around 20 inch in width. Small lift chairs are around 18 inches wide in terms of seat width. While big ones can go around 22 inches. For the height of the back, normal ones go around 25 to 27 inches. For large ones, the height can go 29 inches. Make sure to check for the exact dimensions of the chair.


How Far Will It Recline

Lift chairs are known to recline further than normal recliners. Some even sleep on them instead of using their beds. There are two types of lift chairs: 2-position and 3-position. 2-position lift chairs can recline up to 45 degrees and are perfect for reading and watching television for long periods of time. The 3-position is the one where you can recline it until it is flat enough to sleep in. There is also the infinite-position lift chair where it is good for those who prefer to sleep for longer periods of time.

Additional Features

Some lift chairs have a built-in remote control feature. This is good for those who are suffering to limited mobility and those who are suffering from a stroke. So if you are suffering from an injury that hinders your mobility, it?s best to get lift chairs with remote control for easy access.

Other features would include massage functions to provide comfort to its user. They do not come cheap but it will certainly provide comfort to the one using it.


Lift chairs are designed to fit into anyone?s home. They come in all shapes and sizes and may come in different colors too. You can customize the fabric of the chair to fit with the current theme of your home. It?s fairly cheap to have customized upholstery material at hand.


When buying medical equipment, make sure to know how long with the warranty cover it. Warranty for lift chairs usually last for a year but there are factors that may affect it. Where you get your lift and what kind of model it affects the warranty coverage that you may get. Regardless, make sure to ask about it before purchasing a lift chair.

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