Benefits to Acupuncture for Crossfitters

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When you’re an athlete, being able to recover from a workout is the only thing that matters. After a hard CrossFit workout and other physical activities like running, yoga or basketball, your body is in need of recovery time. In preparation for competitive activities like the CrossFit Games, one of the most intense competitions in the world, you need to be in peak shape. The benefits of Mississauga Acupuncture are often overlooked when competitive athletes are looking for an edge in trying to recover from intense exercise.


When performing high-intensity exercises like squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings and snatches, your body is easily fatigued. Four-time CrossFit Games Champion Rich Froning has stated multiple times that he sees an acupuncturist regularly to help his body recover from the intense workouts he puts it through. Acupuncture and other methods of holistic health offer many benefits to those looking to compete in CrossFit competitions.

Acupuncturists are having more and more crossfitters come to them to treat various issues that arise from their workouts. Acupuncturists AJ Adamzyck and Chad Bong even discussed common movements found in CrossFit like as the clean and jerk or the squat and the associated common injuries and how to treat them with Acupuncture.

If you’re still having second thoughts about the Benefits of Acupuncture for CrossFit after hearing Rich, AJ and Chad here are a couple reasons why you should consider it!

Muscular Tension Released: As the flow of blood is increased through the body your muscles that would generally be tense after a workout like your hamstrings and trapezius relax as the inflammation subsides in your body. The acupuncture sessions improve muscle fatigue as well as strains. Muscle soreness is also usually lessened depending on how intense the workouts have been that week.

Helps with Injuries: As most crossfitters know, injuries are a big part of the CrossFit community. Pushing through soreness to the point of injury is a common occurrence. Acupuncture helps speed up the healing process by regulating neurological and cardiovascular flows.

Rapid Recovery: The most elite crossfitters have regular treatments in between training sessions as well as after competition much less muscle fatigue and pain and their energy levels are way up during the competition. I’ve heard crossfitters is a comment on how acupuncture benefits them because they get a deeper more restful sleep which we all know allows muscle tissue to rebuild and ATP to be restored thus improving recovery even more.

If you still aren’t convinced that there benefits to acupuncture for crossfitters just take a trip out to Carson California during the 2017 CrossFit Games and ask the elite of the elite competitors whether they use acupuncture in their training regimen.