Benefits Of Raspberry Ketones

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For those who want to lose weight fast, they would normally go in front of their computers and search for the most popular weight loss product or program. Raspberry ketones are one of the most common answers. There is a claim that raspberry ketone supplements can prevent weight gain and melt away fat.

Even if it is called raspberry ketone, it also present in some fruits like blackberries and cranberries aside from raspberries. A kilo of raspberries can produce a pure 1-4 mg of pure raspberry ketone. Usually, this is industrially prepared using a variety of methods since its natural abundance is very low.

What?s normally unknown to others is that raspberry ketone is also used in cosmetics, as a food additive and in perfumery. This natural chemical gives these fruits their enticing aroma. As a food additive, these belong to the ?Generally Recognized as Safe? (GRAS) category by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It belongs to the same category with soybean oil and high fructose corn syrup.

In addition, it is part of most expensive natural flavour components list in the food industry. A kilo of raspberry ketone might cost you as much as $20,000. A synthetic kind is cheaper.

It is unfortunate that with the growing numbers of overweight and obese these days, being overweight turn the ?normal.? One of the biggest issues is that the traditional weight loss methods are so hard that 85% of people fall short in the long run.


To address this issue, many manufacturers created products that are claimed to make things easier and faster results. Today, there are pills, shakes, and herbs that are sold with a promise of helping you reduce your appetite and burn fat. These are some of the benefits one can enjoy if you buy garcinia products. Natural supplements are intended to provide health solutions the safer way.

There are herbs, shakes and pills that are supposed to help you burn fat or reduce your appetite. Among the most well-liked is a supplement known as raspberry ketones. Some experts say that health products containing raspberry ketones will cause the fat within the cells to break down; it will help your body to burn fat faster. There is also a claim saying that this can increase the adiponectin levels. Adiponectin is a hormone that does can help regulate your metabolism.

What makes this kind of product more interesting is the term ?ketone,? which is associated with low-carb diets. These diets force the body to elevate the blood levels and burn fat. However, this natural substance is not related to the low-carbohydrate diets. Taking this supplement will not provide the same effects.

According to the researchers, raspberry ketones have almost the same molecular structure with synephrine (a stimulant) and capsaicin (present in chilli pepper). These two (2) molecules can boost body metabolism. There were speculations that the raspberry ketones have similar effects.

One study reported that raspberry ketones can increase the lipolysis or the process of breaking down fats. This happens when this substance makes the cells more susceptible to the effects of norepinephrine, a fat burning hormone.

Raspberry ketones can also cause the body to release more adiponectin. Thin or slim people are believed to have higher adiponectin levels compared to individuals who are overweight. The levels will increase when you lose weight. Some studies indicate that when the levels of adiponectin increased naturally, this could help a person lose weight and lessen the risk of many illnesses.