Meal Replacers or Meal Substitutes

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Food supplement recognized the same as meal replacement is all-inclusive supplement, with carbohydrate, fat (low level), vitamin, mineral and very rich in protein. If it is put differently, this is hyperprotein meal.

The use of these supplements occurs in a variety of ways, because both athletes who want to improve performance, as people who aim to increase muscle mass and people who want to lose weight can make use of meal replacements and get great results. In order to do this they must be well oriented in their choice and use of the product.

Meal Replacers


They are varying only in concentration and taste of its formula. In term of formula, they are very same, already in terms of concentrations can be much different.

The most excellent kinds of meal replacements are the supplements that have the lowest fats level and the top rate of carbohydrates and protein. A good option is the meal replacer that has in whey protein composition, as well as other proteins.

If the goal is muscle mass gain, one should choose a Meal Replacer with high protein, carbohydrate and vitamin, and consequently with a higher caloric value. But if the goal is to decrease body weight and lose weight, the Meal Replacer chosen should be the lowest calorie and should also be fat free, or have the lowest fat rate possible.


The advantages of using such products are: help in muscle development and muscle maintenance and supply the most energy level.

In accordance with result of a current American study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, MRP is useful approach in weight lose. Studies have revealed that less-calorie MRP if used to substitute some meals, assist patients to track the weight loss diet.

Substitute proteins are used to boost strength levels, increase muscle mass gain, and prevent muscle catabolism that can occur during very heavy training, among other functions.