Growing and Manufacturing Digestive Enzyme Supplements are now cost Effective

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Abdominal Gas and bloating issues have become more and more common for many Americans. The reasons are many and can include age, reduced enzyme production by the body and reduced enzymes in the cooked and processed foods we eat. Recent advances in the science of growing vegetarian digestive enzymes has made enzyme supplements affordable (finally). Enzymes are grown and harvested like large scale farming. They are grown in three story tanks with carefully monitored temperature, airflow, PH and a host of other parameters. What does this mean for the gas and bloating suffering public? It gives us a truly revolutionary way to combat and prevent gas and bloating in the stomach and intestines with a natural product.

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There are many different digestive enzymes that would normally be present in healthy, raw, organic and uncooked foods. In order for the body to efficiently digest an entire meal consisting of fibers, proteins, fats, sugars, grains and vegetables enzymes that act on each food type need to be present. A broad spectrum digestive enzyme blend can help us break down the wide variety of foods in the western diet. Properly broken down food can fuel and nourish the body without causing gas and bloating.

Poorly broken down food can cause painful gas and ugly, uncomfortable bloating of the stomach and/or the entire abdominal region. Digestive enzyme use started with just a single enzyme in a supplement; now you can get vegetarian blends with up to 18 different digestive enzymes. Because the greater the variety of enzymes the more foods that can be broken down and to a more complete state, we can recommend using a broad spectrum blend such as SciTrition? No-Bloat? which is available direct at great prices here:?

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