Handling the Unpredictable: 5 Tips for Dealing with an Unexpected Menstruation

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Not all women can perfectly predict the start date of their periods. Few love getting their periods, but those girls and women who deal with irregular menstruation may experience even more stress. They can read on to find out about five tips for dealing with unexpected menstruation that can help.

Handling the Unpredictable 5 Tips for Dealing with an Unexpected Menstruation

Always Carry Sanitary Products

Some women only carry sanitary products when they know their periods are coming up, but that’s not an option for those who can’t accurately predict their menstruation dates. Think about it like a period emergency kit for stopping unexpected blood from causing a huge mess.

Some women don’t like the hassle of carrying around tampons and pads everywhere they go. They might be better off using a menstrual cup that is smaller and more discreet. Women can shop for menstrual cups online and read about sizing guidelines before they purchase.

Be Mindful of Bodily Changes

PMS symptoms start up to 10 days before women get their periods. The most common of these symptoms are bloating and weight gain, although some women also experience mood changes or pain.

PMS occurs because of natural fluctuations in hormone levels. The fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone cause fluid retention, which is what leads to putting on a few extra pounds. Paying attention to these bodily changes can make it easier for women with irregular menstruation to tell if they need to pack a period kit.

Check Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is secreted by the cervix, and it changes in volume throughout a woman’s cycle. As estrogen levels increase prior to a period, a woman might notice that her cervical mucus becomes thicker, whiter, and stickier and that she is producing it in larger quantities. Paying attention to this specific bodily change can make it easier to pinpoint when menstruation will start since the time frame for cervical mucus changes is smaller than general PMS symptoms.

Pack a Comfort Kit

Dealing with unexpected periods isn’t just a matter of making sure that a favorite pair of pants doesn’t get destroyed. Menstruation can also be painful, and the hormonal changes that cause it often come with unpleasant emotional side effects. Pack a comfort kit that includes a few over-the-counter painkillers, some chocolates, and a heating pad along with menstrual products like a cup or some tampons to make even an unexpected period less of a problem.

Stay Positive

Many women find that getting their period when they don’t expect it is a stressful ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, having a period can also be seen as a positive sign. It means that women of reproductive age are in good health.

Being prepared for the unexpected is the best way to reduce stress, but even the worst period emergencies don’t have to ruin an otherwise good day. Try to focus on the positive and avoid panicking if blood spots appear, as it will just draw more attention to the problem. If they have sweatshirts, women dealing with unexpected periods can tie them around their wastes while they make their way to the nearest bathroom.

The Bottom Line

There’s no reason for women and girls to feel embarrassed about getting their periods. Today, talking about menstruation is no longer a huge faux pas. Just stay calm and make a point of preparing for period emergencies in advance to reduce stress should that time of the month come a little early.