Tips to Start Your Personal Training Career

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When dealing with the clients and starting good personal training careers, check out the following tips:


  • Constant relearning and recycling: The changes and evolution of science obliges the professional to be always up to date;
  • Be prepared for the competition;
  • Negotiation: the professional must seek a climate of trust with the client to make a good deal for both parties;
  • Customer service is what differentiates one professional from another;
  • The image of the professional counts a lot. There is no need to have a slim body, but with a healthy presentation;
  • Be authentic. Nothing better than being yourself. Each professional has a particular way of presenting their service. Don’t try to imitate other professionals;
  • Always show sincerity. If you don’t know about a topic, tell your client that you will try to find out. The client will abandon his services if he realizes that he is messing around;
  • Try to create, program, modify the class routine. Always in tune with the client’s wishes;
  • Learn from mistakes: people who succeed do not escape making mistakes. They happen all the time and are important for dealing with change;
  • Stay physically active. Studies suggest a very strong correlation between physical condition and alertness. Therefore, planning a personal exercise routine is good and the student mirrors the teacher;
  • Know how to communicate with customers, listen to their suggestions, what they think of the place where they practice the exercises, etc. Feedback increases your confidence in your work;
  • Find out why your students chose you, this is a key to your success;
  • Make your student loyal by being a publicist, that is, call on your student’s birthday, send cards on festive dates, send news reports that highlight the type of work you are doing with him or from fitness professional magazine that you luck is interviewed. Always keep you informed about the progress of your exercises. This is a powerful marketing tool.