Definitive Tips To Take Care Of The Skin Of Your Face

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One of the main beauty mantras is “use sunscreen”. Not that this commandment is not very clear, after all melanoma is there and we should never neglect the sun. However, to look smooth, soft and healthy, the skin on our face needs care. The innovative aesthetics treatment is also a best option. That is why we have separated some tips and protocols that will help you to have such a beautiful complexion that everyone will want to know who your dermatologist is. Take a look!

Spa Care

  1. Daily Cleaning

According to dermatologist at spa care, daily cleansing is essential to remove dirt, makeup and greasiness. Ideally, it should be done twice a day. In the morning and evening, you should wash your face with a soap that suits your skin type, whether dry, sensitive or oily. The chemical peels are also good skin cleaning process.

  1. Beyond the Basics

After facial hygiene with soap and tonic, there are other precautions we can have in the morning. This is when we want to treat the skin even during the day. Hence, the specific products indicated by your dermatologist come in, which can be from whitening, anti-greasiness, moisturizers, among others. It will all depend on each one’s skin and complaint. Finally, sunscreen should be applied. 

Spa Care

  1. Most Invasive Procedures

Have you ever wondered when it’s time to get into this? People often find that Botox and filler applications are for those over 40 years old. This is a wrong impression. These products are intended not only to correct wrinkles and expression marks, but also to prevent them.

That is, if the person begins to apply these products at age 30, it will take longer to show aging marks on the skin. Botox gradually decreases the strength of the muscles that cause wrinkles, while hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen production in the region.