How Stressed out is your Doctor?

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We?ve all heard the jokes about doctors spending a lot of their time playing golf, snorkeling or heading out on an incredibly enviable boat.? However, as much as we tend to think of their playtime as rather cushy, their time on the job ? and on call ? causes a tremendous amount of tension.? This helps to explain why they are known for going to great lengths to fully enjoy their downtime.


That said, many doctors, particularly ER docs and many specialists who need to remain available in case of emergency, are at a high risk of burnout.? More specifically, research has shown that 40 percent of American doctors will experience burnout on a physical or emotional level as a result of their jobs.

In fact, some experts consider a burnout to be inevitable at some point in a doctor?s career. These are men and women who must make decisions that will change ? or even save ? a person?s life.? Moreover, they do this every day they?re on the job. This strain can leave to a high instance of substance abuse and cutting corners.? Unfortunately, those habits are even more dangerous for doctors than they are for people in most other occupations.

While taking dedicated vacations that allow them to fully unplug can play a highly important role in helping to keep stress under control, it doesn?t end there.? Many experts recommend that certain smaller steps be taken in everyday lives in order to help to reduce as many strains and frustrations as possible.

For instance, practicing yoga and remaining physically active are highly recommended as they are exceptionally effective de-stressors.? Eating a nutrient dense diet can also help the body to run more healthfully and may reduce the instance of pain, inflammation and disease.

That said, other handy tricks include the use of mobile gadgets as simple as a portable mobile charger to help to make sure recharging can even take place while on the go.? In fact, it could even occur within a pocket.? That decreases the risk of stress spikes from needing a smartphone to function for a few more hours while seeing only one battery life indicator bar left.