The Negative Impact of Stress on Organizations

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With the increase in competitiveness and the scenario of economic recession, companies, in an attempt to continue to grow and be profitable, end up putting pressure on employees, which makes emotional stress constant in the workplace.


The increase in workload and the accumulation of functions are also attitudes widely practiced by companies around the world and which contribute to the increase in stress and tension in the work environment.

Who has never heard someone say the following phrase: “I live for work”? Certainly this person is tired and has a great deal of tension and stress from work. Thus, it is very likely that there will be a big loss in productivity and perfection in the execution of functions.


This is explained, however, when several surveys show that stress in the workplace is harmful to both the employer and employees.

In USA, it is estimated that 3.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is lost with expenses related to the evils of stress in the corporate environment; this is due to the high number of employees who feel stressed and under pressure in their work.


To handle these situation, employ a corporate health coaching certification professional to provide corporate fitness and corporate stress relief to the employees. 

The costs that stress causes are related to the treatment and control of diseases that arise or are aggravated by the high tension in the health of employees. Among these diseases, the most common are: hypertension, chronic fatigue, gastritis, depression, cardiovascular diseases and among others.


These diseases caused by stress, therefore, occur because of the high tension load in the work environment affects the physiological functions. When feeling threatened, the body reacts by releasing hormones, blood pressure and heart rate increase by draining blood to the muscles and the immune system decreases its action, leaving the body more sensitive to diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.